How it all began...

In 2012, we wanted to grow and raise most of our own food in a healthy, sustainable way. During that year, we began raising longhorn cattle and started what is now our large fruit orchard and vegetable garden. Over the years we have increased our fruit and vegetable varieties and quantities as well as adding honey bee hives to the land. We initially began selling at a table on the side of the road any surplus fruits and vegetables to cover some of our costs. Friends and neighbors enjoyed the bounty of land with us and began asking if they could purchase some of the beef from our herd.  This has continued to grow over the years. You can still buy our farm products by contacting us directly.  You might also enjoy some of our farm products while purchasing items from the Bethel Lane Farm Stop, visiting our booth at the Smithville Farmer's Market or  dining at Feast Market & Cellar.